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Thursday 21 March 2019

Gunnar Buyse, BVK/SBP 2019 Congress President, UZ Leuven

Chairs: A Malfroot (BVK/SBP President) & G Buyse (Congress President)

    P1. Relevance of early infant bonding?
Gunnar Naulaers, UZ Leuven
    P2. Microbiota and autism spectrum disorder
Hans Forssberg, Karolinska Institutet, Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
    P3. Tolerance induction: food introduction
Philippe Eigenmann, University Hospitals Geneva, Switzerland
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Chairs: M Van Winckel (UZ Gent) & MC Seghaye (CHU Liège)

    A1. Growth and pubertal abnormalties in competitive sports: when to worry?
Jean De Schepper, UZ Brussel
    A2. Hydration in sporting children
Stefanie Van Biervliet, UZ Gent
    A3. Sports in cardiac patients: a balance between recklessness or overprotection
Marc Gewillig, UZ Leuven
    A4. Exercise-induced dyspnea: differential diagnosis
Frédéric Piérart, CHC Liège

Chairs: A Uyttebroeck (UZ Leuven) & M Wojciechowski (UZA)

    B1. Spinal fusion in children with cerebral palsy: a leap in the dark?
Katrin Van Herpe, RevaPulderbos
    B2. The interplay between pediatrician and immunologist
Jutte van der Werff ten Bosch, UZ Brussel
    B3. New technologies in diabetes: what the general pediatrician should know
Dominique Beckers, UCLouvain
Thierry Mouraux, CHU Namur
    B4. European newborn health standards - a unique project lead by parents
Johanna Walz, Head of Scientific Affairs, EFCNI
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Chairs: J Vande Walle (UZ Gent) & N Knops (UZ Leuven)

    C1. New in ITP: to -nib, -mab or -pag
Philip Maes, UZA
    C2. New therapies in cystic fibrosis
François Vermeulen, UZ Leuven
    C3. New insights for old drugs: finding the right dose for young and older children
Lien Dossche, UZ Gent
    C4. Biotherapies in pediatric rheumatology
Lien De Somer, UZ Leuven

Chairs: L Lagae (UZ Leuven) & F Cools (UZ Brussel)

    D1. Stabilisation of preterm infants with intact umbilical cord
Ronny Knol, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
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    D2. Ultrasound in the pediatric emergency room
Dana Dumitriu, UCL Saint-Luc
Luc Brysem, UZ Leuven
    D3. Sickle cell disease in the emergency ward: the tip of the iceberg
Alina Ferster: HUDERF
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    D4. Early recognition of epileptic spasms
Maria Roberta Cilio, UCL Saint-Luc & UCSF San Francisco


14:00-15:00   THEME 1 + THEME 2 + ORAL ABSTRACTS

Chairs: P Smeesters (HUDERF) & S Van Lierde (Heilig Hart Tienen)

    T1. Tick-borne diseases and vaccination
Ula Maniewski, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp
    T2. HPV vaccination: update
Beatrice Swennen, School of Public Health, ULB
    T3. Vaccination, what next?
Olga Chatzis, UCL Saint-Luc

Chairs: A De Guchtenaere (VVK) & B Hauser (UZ Brussel)

    T4. Any drugs on the horizon for pediatrics?
Jan Tack, UZ Leuven
    T5. The power of the mind
Tania Mahler, HUDERF, ULB
    T6. Dietary guidelines for irritable bowel syndrome
Marleen Genetello, UZ Gent

    ORAL ABSTRACTS 1 (01-06) (6x 10min)
Chairs: I Hoffman (UZ Leuven) & Y Vandenplas (UZ Brussel)

    O1. Univentricular heart malformation: outcome after (prenatal) diagnosis
L Duchi, S Lesage, K Vandekerckhove, K Van Herck, D De Wolf, J Panzer, H De Wilde, K François, T Bove,
K De Groote. UZ Gent

    O2. Morning serum cortisol correlates with fasting glucose in children and adolescents
with overweight

A Martens, D Bünyamin, J Vanbesien, S Verheyden,  B Rutteman, K Van De Maele, E Anckaert, I Gies,
J De Schepper. UZ Brussel,VUB

    O3. Long-term outcome of pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease
receiving immunomodulators

K van Hoeve, I Hoffman, M Ferrante, S Vermeire. UZ Leuven, KU Leuven

    O4. Physical determinnts of weight loss during a residential rehabilitation program for
obese adolescents

G Mets, G Marissens, J Servayge, K Vandekerckhove, B Würth, A De Guchtenaere.
UZ Gent, Zeepreventorium De Haan

    O5. Three year follow-up of Streptococcus pneumoniae nasopharyngeal carriage in
Belgian children after  PCV13-to-PCV10 vaccine switch

I Wouters, L Van Heirstraeten, S Desmet, C Lammens, J Verhaegen, H Goossens, P Van Damme,
P Beutels, S Malhotra-Kumar, H Theeten. Universiteit Antwerpen, KU Leuven, UZ Leuven 

    O6. Short term survival and survival without severe morbidity in extremely preterm
babies: comparison between two birth cohorts in a third level NICU

A Vicari, C Debauche. Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc, Hôpital Civil Marie Curie Charleroi


Chairs: S Verhulst (UZA) & G Naulaers (UZ Leuven)

    OP1: Effects of chronic ventricular volume deprivation and acute reloading studied in
an animal (ovine) model

B Cools, F Rega, P Claus, L Fresiello, J Duchenne, T Verbelen, M Gewillig. UZ Leuven, KU Leuven

    OP2: Percutaneous lymphangiosclerosis as treatment for protein loosing enteropathy
and plastic bronchitis in patients with failing Fontan circulation

M Gewillig, E Storme, B Eyskens, B Cools, R Heying, D Boshoff, J Hubrechts, G Maleux. UZ Leuven

    OP3: Prediction and prevention of type 1 diabetes (T1D) in neonates: a new trial
program in Europe

O Pollé, P Achenbach, S Aydin, E Bonifacio, R Berner, H Elding Larsson, Å Lernmark, F Haupt, T Hoefs,
A Hommel, O Kordonouri, M Lundgren, P Lysy, J Ohli, M Oltarzewski, F Roloff, M D Snape, A Szypowska,
J Todd, M Vatish, C Winkler, A Gabriele Ziegler, K Casteels, Leona M and Harry B. 
Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc, Kinder- und Jugendkrankenhaus Auf de Bult Hannover,  Institute
of Diabetes Research München, Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden, Institute of Mother and
Child Warsaw Poland, University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden, University of Oxford UK,
Skåne University Hospital, Technical University Munich, University of Oxford, UZ Leuven, KU Leuven, Lund University, Helmsley Charitable Trust

    OP4: GENEPEDIAB study: multicenter screening of genetic forms of diabetes in cohorts
of children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes

S Welsch, C Daems, H Boughaleb, A Robert, Y Sznajer, J Louis, T Mouraux, N Seret, MC Lebrethon,
P Lysy. UCL, ULB, Grand Hôpital de Charleroi, CHU Mont-Godinne, CHC Liège, CHU-Notre-Dame des Bruyères

    OP5: Empagliflozin And GABA Improve β-Cell Mass And Glucose Tolerance In
New-Onset Type 1 Diabetes

C Daems, S Welsch, H Boughaleb, J Vanderroost, A Robert, E Sokal, P Lesy. UCL-IREC-PEDI


OP6: A prospective observational study of fatigue in children with inflammatory bowel
disease compared to a and control group

L Le Roy, L Braeckeveldt, S Verstraete, E Vande Vijver, S Vande Velde. UZ Gent, UZ Antwerpen 


OP7: How to infuse heterologous human adult liver-derived progenitor cells safely?

L Coppin, M Najimi, J Bodart, MS Rouchon, P Vandersmissen, S Eeckhoudt, G Dahlqvist, D Castanares,
J Heemskerk, S Brouns, C Baaten, S Horman, N Belmonte, E Sokal, X Stephenne. UCL, UCL Saint-Luc, Universiteit Maastricht 


OP8: Effect of an intensive residential rehabilitation program with adjusted
nutritional care on body composition in adult patients with cystic fibrosis

S Buts, S Dereeper, B Würth, H Franckx, A De Guchtenaere, S Van Biervliet.  

UZ Gent, Zeepreventorium De Haan 


OP9: Implementation of guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of Eosinophilic
esophagitis by Pediatric and Adult GIs in Europe; On our way towards unison?

G Tourlamain, R Garcia-Puig, C Gutiérrez Junquera, A Papadopoulou, R Elephteria, N Kalach,
JH Oudshoorn, C Sokollik, K Karolewska-Bochenek, S Oliva, C Strisciuglio, O Bauraind, MKH Auth,
M Thomson, S Otte, O Rok, J Amil Dias, C Tzivinikos, V Urbanos, A Kostovski, N Zevit, S Vande Velde.      

Ghent University Hospital, Hospital Universitari MútuaTerrassa Barcelona, Hospital Universitario
Puerta de Hierro-Majadahonda Madrid, University of Athens, Catholic University of Lille, Gelre Hospital
The Netherlands, University of Bern, Medical University of Warsaw, University of Rome, University of
Campania Napoli, CHC Liege, University of Liverpool, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Ludwig-Maximilians-
University of Munich, University of Ljubljana, Centro Hospitalar S. João Porto, Al Jalila Children’s
Specialty Hospital Dubai, Vilnius University Children's Hospital, University Children's Hospital Skopje Macedonia, 
Tel-Aviv University, UZ Gent 


OP10: Pancreatic blunt trauma in children: observations from a monocentric pilot study

G Sonnino, P Deprez, A Pire, F Zech, R Reding, F Smets, X Stephenne, E Sokal, I Scheers.
Université Catholique de Louvain 


OP11: National survey about the current and ideal practice for children and adolescents
with chronic pain in Belgian hospitals

A De Jaeger, E Van Hoecke, S Wouters. UZ Gent 


OP12: Executive functioning in inherited intoxication type metabolic diseases:
A comparison of phenylketonuria and other intoxication type metabolic disease

M Eyskens, N Kirat, F Eyskens, I Glazemakers, A Simons, S Van Impe, E Raets.

UZA, Universiteit Antwerpen, ZNA Middelheim

Chair: P Maton (CHC) & E Ortibus (UZ Leuven)

    OP13: Proximal tracheoesophageal fistula in esophageal atresia: a diagnostic challenge

C Rohaert, A Clarysse. AZ Sint-Jan Brugge


OP14: Both maturational and non-maturational covariates determine
neonatal albuminemia on
the first day of life

J Deberdt, L Delemarre, K Allegaert, M Rayyan, G Naulaers, A Smits. KU Leuven, UZ Leuven, Erasmus
MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital Rotterdam 


OP15: Intermittent CPAP attenuates lung injury in a preterm rabbit BPD model

A Gie, T Salaets, K Allegaert, J Deprest, J Toelen. UZ Leuven 


OP16: Maternal paracetamol intake and fetal ductus arteriosus constriction or closure: a
case series analysis and mechanistic models in support

K Allegaert, P Mian. KU Leuven, Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital Rotterdam 


OP17: Improved Vancomycin exposure using a population pharmacokinetic
model-based vancomycin dosing regimen 

E Desaeger, K Allegaert, A Vandendriessche, V Cossey, A Smits. KU Leuven, UZ Leuven, Erasmus
MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital Rotterdam 


OP18: Deformational plagiocephaly as a marker for developmental delay: a
systematic review

A Dierx, J Toelen. UZ Leuven 


OP19: Salbutamol - not only in asthma

C Hardy, A Daron, M Trippaerts, L Servais. CHR Citadelle Liège 


OP20: Scurvy: a forgotten disease. Case report of a 3 year old boy with progressive
hypotonia and a very restrictive diet

N Willemyns, G Buyse, E Ortibus. UZ Leuven 


OP21: Retrospective analysis of the incidence and characteristics of pediatric
myelodysplastic syndrome and juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia in Belgium

L De Smaele, M Hofmans, P De Paepe, J Philippé, N Van Roy, V Labarque, B De Moerloose. UZ Gent,
AZ Sint Jan Brugge, UZ Leuven 


OP22: Antibacterial prophylaxis with fluoroquinolones in children with acute  myeloid
leukemia: impact on viridans group streptococci

T Bauters, L Staels, G Laureys, L Willems, B De Moerloose. UZ Gent 


OP23: Comparison of the incidence of sinusoidal obstruction syndrome in a pediatric
stem cell transplantation population receiving oral or intravenous busul

V Van Keulen, V Bordon, T Bauters, S Van Lancker, A Verstraete, G Laureys. UZ Gent 


OP24: Disease monitoring by liquid biopsies in pediatric patients with solid tumors

J Messiaen, L Spans, R Sciot, H Segers, A Uyttebroeck, M Debiec-Rychter, I Vanden Bempt, S Jacobs.
UZ Leuven, KU Leuven

Chair: N Knops (UZ Leuven) & T Schurmans (CHU Charleroi)


OP25: A multidisciplinary approach to diagnose X-linked Hyper IgM syndrome in a boy
with acute interstitial pneumonitis

D Dinneweth, E Linskens, B Denys, J. Philippé, J Willekens, P Schelstraete, T Van Ackere, M De Bruyne,
E De Baere, V Bordon, E Dhont, C  Bonroy, F Haerynck. UZ Gent, Jan Yperman ziekenhuis Ieper 


OP26: Management of children with tracheal stenosis: a single-center experience

M Boon, E Ter Haar, F Vermeulen, B Cools, H Decaluwé, F Rega, M Proesmans. UZ Leuven 


OP27: Invasive pneumococcal disease surveillance in Belgium and paediatric
pneumococcal conjugate vaccines: have we reached a steady state?

M Moreira, S Klein, M Khellaf, B Mungall. GSK, Wavre 


OP28: Assessment of pedestrian safety around Flemish Schools using Google Street View

D Coppens, C Faes, J Toelen. UZ Leuven 


OP29: Assessment of cycling helmet use with Google Street View: an international survey

E Scheurs, J Toelen. UZ Leuven 


OP30: Feasibility and effectiveness of Non-neonatal intubation training for pediatricians
in Flanders

E Janssens, T Schepens, ELIM Duval. UZA 


OP31: Screening for risk factors for developing chronic pain in a tertiary
pediatric population

S Ryckx, A De Jaeger. ZNA K Paola Kinderziekenhuis Antwerpen, UZ Gent 


OP32: Desmopressin in enuresis – predictive factors in therapy response

L Bosschaert, L Dossche, A Raes, J Vande Walle. UZ Gent  


OP33: Fecal microbiota transplantation for recurrent clostridium difficile in children with
end-stage renal disease and renal transplantation

P D’hondt, N Knops. UZ Leuven 


OP34: Promising experience of paediatric acute peritoneal dialysis program using
home made fluids in the democratic republic of Congo

M Ekulu Pepe, B Nkoy Agath, M Ndiyo Yoli, M, Odio Bienvenu, K Betukumesu Dieumerci, K Kazadi Orly,
E Levtchenko, B Lepira François. University Hospital Of Kinshasa DR Congo, UZ Leuven, KU Leuven 


OP35: Uremic toxin concentrations are related to residual kidney function in the
pediatric hemodialysis population

A El Amouri, E Snauwaert, E Holvoet, W Van Biesen, A Raes, G Glorieux, J Vande Walle, S Roels,
R Vanholder, V Askiti, K Azukaitis, A Bayasit, N Campolat, M Fischbach, N Godefroid, S Krid, M Litwin,
L Obrycki, F Paglialonga, B Ranchin, C Samaille, F Schaefer, CP Schmitt, B Spasojevic, CJ Stefanidis,
M Van Dyck, K Van Hoeck, L Collard, R Shroff, S Eloot. Universiteit Gent, A & P Kyriakou Children’s
Hospital Athens, Vilnius University, Cukurova University Adana Turkey, Istanbul University,
Children's Dialysis Center Strasbourg, UC Louvain, Hôpital Necker-Enfants Malades Paris, Children`s
Memorial Health Institute Warsaw, Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico
Milan, Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant Hospices Civils de Lyon, CHU Lille, Center for Pediatrics and
Adolescent Medicine Heidelberg, University Children's Hospital Belgrade, UZ Leuven, Universiteit
Antwerpen, CHU Liège, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust London, UZ Gent 


OP36: Chitotriosidase: a novel alternative biomarker for the therapeutic monitoring
of nephropathic cystinosis?

KRP Veys, MA Elmonem, M Van Dyck, MC Janssen, EA Cornelissen, K Hohenfellner, G Prencipe,
F Emma, LP van den Heuvel, E Levtchenko. KU Leuven, UZ Leuven, Cairo University, Radboud
university medical centre Nijmegen, SudOstBayern Klinikum Traunstein, Bambino Gesù Children's
Hospital Rome

16:15-17:00   COFFEE BREAK + POSTERS

CME ethics & economy
Chairs: C Vermylen (UCL) & M Raes (Jessa Hasselt)

    P4. Air pollution and health effects
Tim Nawrot, Centre for Environmental Sciences, Hasselt University
    P5. Obesity: Combating within a precision approach?
Ruth Loos, The Charles Bronfman Institute for Personalized Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at
Mount Sinai, New York, NY, USA
    P6. Child mental health through the lens of epigenetics
Charlotte Cecil, University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    - Entertainment by JeJe Magic and Tomorrowland DJ Christophe from The Knightriders
- Enjoy a perfect served Duvel, offered by Brouwerij Moortgat
- Snacks with the courtesey of Orphan Europe
- Among the persons present we will hand out 2x DUO VIP DAY TICKETS for Tomorrowland '19 

Friday 22 March 2019

Session hosted by the pediatricians in training
Chairs: T Salaets & K Arts (UZ Leuven)

    P7. A glimpse of pediatrics in 2050
Thomas Salaets & Katrijn Arts, pediatricians in training (UZ Leuven)
    P8. How technology will change medicine
Jan Kimpen, CMO, Philips, The Netherlands
    P.9 Innovations that are changing clinical practice now
Pediatricians in training (Henry De Traux De Wardin, Tine Froyland, Jan Vandersnickt,
Kristien Vanhaverbeke & Eline Lauwers)
    Panel debate
(J. Kimpen, L. Servais, J. Toelen, M. Turner)


11:15-12:30   THEME 3 + THEME 4 + ORAL ABSTRACTS II

Chairs: D Van Der Linden (UCL) & K Vanden Driessche (UZA)

    T7. Respiratory virus detection: clinical relevance
Francois Vermeulen, Katrien Lagrou, UZ Leuven
    T8. Acute bronchiolitis: long-term outcome
Julie Frère, CHR de la Citadelle, Liège
    T9. New RSV treatments, what's in the pipeline
Steve Cunningham, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Click here to see presentation

Session in collaboration with the Belgian Paediatric Pain Association (BePPA)
Chairs: A Smits (UZ Leuven) & F Lebrun (CHC Liège)

    T10. Chronic pain: where are we in Belgium?
Christine Fonteyne, BePPa & HUDERF, ULB
    T11. Procedural sedation
Piet Leroy, Academic Medical Center Maastricht, The Netherlands
    T12. Pediatric imaging, the gentle way?
Marjolein Verly, UZ Leuven

    ORAL ABSTRACTS II (07-013)
Chairs: S Van Daele (UZ Gent) & P Philippet (CHC)


O7: MyCyFAPP project: Use of a mobile application for self-management of PERT
improves gastro-intestinal related quality of life in children with CF

M Boon, J Calvo-Lerma, I Claes, T Havermans, V Fornes, I Asseiceira, A Bulfamante, M Garriga, E Massip, S Woodcock, C Barreto, C Colombo, P Crespo, E Van der Wiel, H Janssens, J Hulst, S Martinez-Barona, R Nobili, L Pereira, M Ruperto, K De Boeck, C Ribes-Koninckx. UZ Leuven, Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe Valencia, Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento da Faculdade de Medicina Lisbon, Università  degli Studi di Milano, Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal Madrid, Erasmus Medical Center, Sophia Children’s Hospital Rotterdam 


O8: Retrospective evaluation of the efficiency of azithromycin in the protracted
bacterial bronchitis (PBB)-extended

D Trajman, N Lefèvre. HUDERF, ULB 


O9: Diagnosing enteroviral meningitis via blood transcriptomics : an alternative for
lumbar puncture?

E Bartholomeus, N De Neuter, A Lemay, D Tuerlinckx, D Weynants, K Van Lede, G van Berlaer, D Bulckaert, T Boiy, A Vander Auwera, M Raes, D Van der Linden, H Verhelst, S Van Steijn, T Jonckheer, J Dehoorne, R Joos, H Jansens, A Suls, P Van Damme, K Laukens, G Mortier, P Meysman, B Ogunjimi. UZA, U Antwerpen, Universiteit Antwerpen, AZ Turnhout, UC, CHU Namur, AZ Nikolaas, UZ Brussel, Gasthuis Zusters Antwerpen, Jessa Ziekenhuis, CHU-ULC Saint-Luc, UZ Gent, Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen 


O10. Micro-computed tomography for the longitudinal evaluation of preterm lung injury
in a rabbit model

M Aertgeerts, T Salaets, AGie, J Vignero, G Van de Velde, J Toelen, KU Leuven 


O11: Stress, anxiety and depression in parents of children with chronic kidney disease
and its correlation with protective behavior

E De Bruyne, C Van Herzeele, E Snauwaert, E Holvoet, A Raes, W Van Biesen, L Goubert, E Van Hoecke, S Eloot, J Vande Walle. UZ Gent, Universiteit Antwerpen 


O12: Three cases of acute flaccid myelitis, a new epidemic?

A Van Roest, B Ceulemans, S Dekeyser, D Beysen, A Jonckheere, S Kenis, A.S. Schoonjans. UZ Antwerpen 


O13: Long-term auditory effects in patients treated for brain tumors during childhood

A Rycx, L Bollé, H Keppler, I Van Den Bossche, E Vandecruys, I Dhooge, C Dhooge. Universiteit Gent, UZ Gent 


Chairs: D De Wolf (BVK/SBP) & R Heying (UZ Leuven)

    Hypospadias: Long-term endocrine and reproductive outcome (HERO)
Lloyd Tack, Universiteit Gent (Winner award 2017)
    2019 BVK Young Investigators Award:
Award candidates: Senne Cuyx (UZ Leuven), Tanguy Demaret (UCL), Olivier Pollé (UCL), Karen Van Hoeve (UZ Leuven)

Session by the Belgian Association of Pediatric Surgery (BELAPS)
Chairs: M Miserez (UZ Leuven) & I Scheers (UCL Saint-Luc)

    T13. Nissen fundoplication for severe gastroesophageal reflux: indications, results
Antoine De Backer, UZ Brussel
    T14. Interest of long term follow up in patients operated for esophageal atresia
Martine Dassonville, HUDERF
    T15. Liver and systemic hemodynamics in cirrhotic children: contributions
to the physiopathology and to the surgical algorithm in pediatric liver

Catherine de Magnée, UCL Saint-Luc

Chairs: C Draguet (CHU Namur) & E Elst (Sint Jozef Malle)

    Neonatal skin care
Dirk Van Gysel, OLV ziekenhuis Aalst
    Test yourself in pediatric dermatology
Vincent Bernier, CHC Espérance, Montegnée
    Mustela Award 2019

Chairs: K Allegaert (UZ Leuven) & T Schurmans (HUDERF)

    Safepedrug: safer pediatric drugs in Children: What have we learned?
Johan Vande Walle, UZ Gent
    Connect4Children (C4C): A network for pediatric Clinical trials
Mark Turner, University of Liverpool, Connect4Children
    The Belgium network (BPCRN) in C4C: opportunities and pitfalls
Elke Gasthuys, U Gent

14:45-15:15   COFFEE BREAK + POSTERS


CME ethics & economy
Chairs: C Van Geet (UZ Leuven) & J Evrard (CHR Namur)

    P8. Do we still have parenting answers, how to educate in a context without answers
to world problems

Peter Adriaenssens, UZ Leuven
    P9. Growing up in a world of sexualised media
Steven Eggermont, School of Mass Communication Research, KU Leuven
    P10. Coping with trauma and exile in family relationships: Transcultural trauma care
with refugee children and their families

Lucia De Haene, Psychology and Educational Sciences, PraxisP, KU Leuven

17:30-17:45   AWARDS AND CLOSING
Anne Malfroot (President BVK/SBP)
Gunnar Buyse (2019 Congress President)