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1. Expanscience grant Paediatric Dermatology

A two-yearly grant of € 10.000 is awarded to support training and a research project in peadiatric dermatology. The training and project can take place both in Belgium and abroad in a department or division with a well-known competence in peadiatric dermatology, with a one-year duration and  minimum of 6 months abroad. Centres with compentence in peadiatric dermatology can be found at the ESPD (European Society for Pediatric Dermatology) at

The grant is awarded to a paediatrician, either in training or certified.

2. Research prizes of the Belgian Society of Paediatrics BVK/SBP 2019

This prize of an amount of € 7.500 will be awarded during the next edition of the BVK/SBP Congress taking place on March 21-22, 2019. The prize rewards authors of a research project in the field of paediatrics.
The research project must be related to one of the Belgian Universities or University hospitals and contribute to the development of paediatrics in Belgium. The applicant can have the Belgian or foreign nationality on the condition that he/she has is or been doing research activities in Belgium in a paediatric context.

Candidates need to be:
- Graduated physicians for less than 15 years on the date of submission deadline
- Paediatricians or paediatricians in training
- Members of the BVK/SBP